"Rickshaw Spokes: Days in the life of a rickshaw driver"

This blog was active for 16 months between 16 August 2011 until 16 December 2012, and has been distilled into a new book entitled "Thus Spokes Solar Rickshaw : Reflexions of a Rickshaw Puller" published by its author Thomas Lundy

1. First there was feminism (not to be confused with 'femi-nazis'), in which women gradually claimed their right to be equal to men. That movement continues in many countries: Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen or Saudi Arabia to name only a few. See a 3-minute video example of newd masculinism here

Update: 28 February 2014; Trips down nostalgia memory lane: one of my wackiest beloved blogs: Bond with a boner (www.JamesBoner.com). Funny yes, but I have a whole alchemical theory behind it also inspired by Taoism and Eckhart Tolle (saw Eckhart Tolle once wandering around just a few meters from me in my rickshaw in 2013 by Rijksmuseum, never spoke to him as I could not think of anything to say and I would feel so silly hollering out his name loudly in public; did that only once in my life to actor Brian Dennehy in Dublin in 1992 and felt like an idiot after hollering out the nonsensical question "hey aren't you Brian Dennehy?" though I was thankful he saw I was young and just kindly replied "yeah I'm here doing The Iceman Cometh" and that was that.)

Merging graphic violence with graphic sex, tipping the balance away from violence and closer towards sex and love and eventually the world might be one big sex orgy??? Once women could not wear trousers in public, now they can (ok not everywhere but lots of places.) Things change, so do perceptions, public paradigms or collective psyches. Roger Moore was very good in the sexed Bond department. In some documentaries behind-the-scenes on 007 film sets you see Roger Moore cutting jokes about sex, he looked like a real charming hoot! View my 1988/1989 4-minute spoof of the pre-title sequence of Goldfinger, Thunderball and Diamonds are Forever on vimeo here. I've spent a lifetime embarrassing myself and others so why stop now? Seriously, the aforelinked vimeo clip (https://vimeo.com/85421046) contains a blueprint about how to innovate a new mainstream cinema genre, elaborated in full detail. You either love sex or you love violence. This is why the argument for graphic violence no longer holds any water. The way of the future is graphic sex, done elegantly. Graphic violence has been around since gladiators in ancient Rome and that time may be permitted to fade away. Anyone with the least bit of brains gets it. It is like a pendulum swinging from one direction to the other. And the whole purpose of art is to transform, so let there be transformation, especially when the transformational potential is in the hands of a few who can push those buttons to be consumed by a billion or more people. 

You always hear short-sighted narrow-minded thinkers mutter: "the world isn't read for that" but this is total nonsense. Nobody was "ready" for the sudden, over-night dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and tons of other phenomena. Shit just happens, but it's the visionaries like Albert Einstein who do their thing regardless of whether idiots like it or not and eventually the world wakes up and goes with the fait accompli. 

Or watch this four-minute BBC report filed by BBC film critic guru Tom Brook in which Uma Thurman poses the vital question: "why do mass audiences so readily accept the depiction of graphic violence but much less of graphic sex?"

To finish off, here is a quote from the original Star Trek series (1966-1969, I hated all the boring spin-offs): "To boldy (boner?) go (gozer?) where no man has gone (gonorrhea?) before" (be fur?)

James Boner - James Boner - James Boner - James Boner - James Boner 

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It's incredible that the Bond films have gone on for a wopping half century. Regardless of what you think of the franchise - good, bad or neutral - it seems that the whole world knows about it.

Update, 6 Jan 2013: Skyfall seems surely set to win the Best Picture academy award at the 85th Oscars ceremony on 24 February 2013 More background on the beeb. A negative often follows a positive. Is this the beginning of the end for Bond? (Update, 4 May 2013: Nope, Skyfall broke the billion-dollar mark and producer Barbara Broccoli has the hots for Daniel Craig, hailing him as totally gorgeous and the best Bond ever. We might be looking at Daniel Craig as 007 right up until 2030 or beyond!)