Some of my music demos and other audio files are on ReverbNation and SoundCloud as Lundoxia. Quick background: I've been making music demo tapes since the early 1980s, one of which was reviewed in the British monthly magazine Hip Hop Connection in 1991 (re-published on my Issuu page; that demo tape had been sent in 1989 but published only 2 years later! Note: this was before 1992 when I started using my middle name Thomas; before that year I used the short form of my first name Cornelius, Neil, which few people could correctly pronounce)

Although I never "broke through", for demo songs recorded in the space of a few hours, they are not so bad as any objective musical mind will observe.

Many unrecognized artists feel they "missed the boat"; only a long-struggling artist knows the true meaning of this sentiment. 1989 was definitely the year I "missed the boat"; I sent hundreds of demo tapes under the names Def Jef and Bass Ace* to all the recording companies I could find that released rap music, in Europe and the US. To my dying breath, I shall scratch my head and wonder where it went wrong. I have had many "missed the boat" years, another was in 2003 with a small role in a Zentropa film that failed. John Lennon of The Beatles said: "what if Brian Epstein hadn't walked into the Cavern Club?!" We live and die by a hair. 

One summer a few years ago just meters away from me stood the highly successful rap artist KRS-One of The Bronx New York. It was in front of Rijkmuseum, on the Stadhouderskade side. A couple of pedestrians started talking with him. The profound moment triggered a flood of memories of my vast rap vinyl collection, including his work. I entered into a state of deep thought, contemplating whether I should introduce myself to him. But I did not. That era had passed, and I did not want to be seen as hassling him given he was with his family. Listen to KRS-One rapping in I'm Still #1

Listen to this clip of Adrock (of The Beastie Boys) describe how he recommended a demo tape he happened to listen to by LL Cool J, sent in by him to Rick Rubin

*Interesting to note that in 1989 another artist from Harlem New York happened to release a rap album under the same name (Def Jef's JUST A POET WITH A SOUL); another Swedish act also appeared under the similar name ACE OF BASE in 1992; I still have the rejection letter in a box from the same recording company that produced that act's work. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I will never find out. Neither act is still active today.