All rickshaws (pedicabs, trikes, cycle taxi, bike taxi, velotaxi, fietstaxi) have been prohibited in Amsterdam as of 1 April 2020. This prohibition was decided by the city in March 2018, so it is unrelated to Covid19. Much lobbying took place to undo this prohibition yet yielded no success. Consequently, municipal appeals were heard but all were denied. In 2021 lower and higher court appeals are underway to challenge that 2018 municipal decision. Standard municipal permits or licences are granted for 3 years and the current licence period expires on 1 April 2022. So even if we rickshaw runners win, by the time we win we would not have much time left in the current licence term ending on 1 April 2022. Other factors such as smart phone apps caused significant decline in business. All museums in Amsterdam started chasing us away in 2019. It is ironic because many museum visitors used rickshaws as a convenient way to get around. Solar Rickshaw was sold on 7 November 2020 and most other rickshaw companies formerly in Amsterdam have left The Netherlands completely. This website will expire on or around 24 April 2021.