Solar Rickshaw was sold on 7 November 2020. The city terminated all rickshaw permits on 1 April 2020. Even if current legal appeals succeed in overturning that termination and permits are re-instated, they would again end on 1 April 2022, the end date of this current 3-year licence period. 

Booked events for Solar Rickshaw:

2018: Schram Film Studios Amsterdam (Lowlands Festival featurette)

2015: En Serio PR bureau + iZettle media interviews promoting this Swedish credit & bank card reading device; Interview AmsterdamFM, de Ondernemer

2013France 3 (FR3) Television series; interviews with French nationals residing abroad (filmed with fisheye camera lenses inside my rickshaw)

2012Samsung 2012 Reserved tour for Samsung's CEO from Seoul Korea 

2011Duurzaam Amsterdam 2011 (Gemeente Amsterdam)

2010Autovrije Dag Utrecht 2010 (Gemeente Utrecht)

2010: International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

2010Drukkerij de Bij 80e verjaardag

2008Finnair 2008 at Amsterdam Zuidas

Private reservations are possible with advance notice, mostly also payable in advance for first time booking clients.

April 2013 - March 2020, Solar Rickshaw advertised for Schenk Auto Schade

May 2015: special promotion for the Swedish company iZettle bank & credit card reading device in conjunction with PR bureau En Serio




€50 / 45 minutes, (2 adults.) Only in rare cases are there requests for longer sight seeing tours but I do those too.

Surcharge per extra passenger or luggage piece.

The driver Lundy can offer limited commentary (due to the demand for alertness and focus while driving the rickshaw in dense traffic) in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Most ride charges are 15 or 20 euros;

€10 per km (up to 2 adults) for a minimum charge of 15 Euros for up to 1.5km, thereafter increasing by increments of 5 Euros; so for example a 1.6km ride would be 20 euros for two adults. 

€5 per extra passenger or luggage piece

I frequently transport passengers to automobile taxi stations when they request longer haul journeys for which the automobile is more suited; my focus is on rides 1 to 2,5 kilometers.