Thursday, 01 May 2014 17:46

Publicity for Lundoxia and Solar Rickshaw

Written by Thomas Lundy

Solar Rickshaw was sold on 7 November 2020. This website will expire on or around 24 April 2021. All rickshaws in Amsterdam became illegal on 1 April 2020. Various legal appeals are underway in 2021 to overturn this groundless prohibition. Yet even if an appeal or appeals succeed, by the time we win this current standard licence term (3 years) will have already expired (1 April 2022.) Also, all the museums in Amsterdam banned rickshaws waiting in and around their spaces months before the prohibition took effect, a huge share of our revenues.  

Booked PR events:

2018: Schram Film Studios Amsterdam (Lowlands festival featurette)

2015: En Serio PR bureau + iZettle media interviews promoting this Swedish credit & bank card reading device; Interview AmsterdamFMde Ondernemer, in July 2015 I was made an iZettle ambassador

2013France 3 (FR3) Television series; interviews with French nationals residing abroad (filmed with fisheye camera lenses inside my rickshaw)

2012Samsung 2012 Reserved tour for Samsung's CEO from Seoul Korea 

2011Duurzaam Amsterdam 2011 (Gemeente Amsterdam)

2010: International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA

2010Autovrije Dag Utrecht 2010 (Gemeente Utrecht)